How Many Bloggers Are There in Pakistan?

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How Many Bloggers Are There in Pakistan?

Blogging has been a main income source for hundreds of bloggers in Pakistan for many years.

Pakistani bloggers made it to the top charts for various topics such as Black Friday, Eid Events, and News Blogging. We have seen many bloggers from Pakistan writing for international publications and achieving their life goals such as buying a new house or purchasing a dream car.

There’s a hype of making money blogging and that too with many scams in the country. We can’t have an exact number of bloggers currently working in Pakistan. However, being one of the top 10 bloggers in the country, I am here to share my research and the results with you. I have been searching for the exact answer and after calculating many platforms I am here with an accurate answer:

There are at least 4 million bloggers in Pakistan currently most of them are using Medium, LinkedIn, and Google’s Blogger platform to blog about different topics while more than 1 million have blogs or sites where they publish blog posts.


However, there are more than 40 million social media users in Pakistan who are actively blogging on different social media platforms such as Facebook being the #1 choice and then X, Reddit, Quora, and others such as Medium and Threads.

Even with these huge numbers, we can’t figure out more than 1,000 bloggers using any given platform.

Most of them don’t show it and they don’t even update their social media bios about what they are doing for a living or as a hobby.

I will keep this article updated with any new information as I can grab at any given time.

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  1. Neelam Avatar


    I want to write blogs too however as beginner dont know exactly where to start and whicle platform to use. Please guide me on that!

    1. Umer Idrisi Avatar

      You can take a start from Blogger or WordPress and try different things, you can also click on the course button from main menu to learn more about blogging, and if you are looking to build a website or a platform you should go with WordPress and buy a codecanyon script or a wordpress theme for that (for beginners).

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