Fastest-Growing Freelance Country, Why it’s Not Good for Pakistan?

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Freelancing in Pakistan

From the professional bloggers, freelancers to newbies in the Pakistani IT-industry are saying that it’s a good thing that Pakistan ranked 4th in the list of fastest-growing freelance marketplaces of the world.

First, do you really know what freelancing is?

In other words (native language) it is like “Online Mazdoori” and that’s exactly the same hard work that a carpenter or plumber do in offline works.

Now tell me, why people are happy to see more hard workers (mazdoors) in the country?

While our startups, companies, products, and services are not developing. Most of them are going out of business and all the startups in Pakistan live not more than 2/3 years.

There’s no reliable international payment gateway, there’s nothing like a real education for entrepreneurs and business mindsets.

Nobody is teaching how to be an entrepreneur and found companies, create startups and manage services.

People who are selling their own basic-knowledge courses are saying that “this is the huge news”.

While they are just happy to see that people are going to buy their bullshit courses for thousands of rupees just to learn what is a computer, what is internet and how you can create folders in the windows.

I have been checking, reading and watching the courses that Pakistani so-called mentors are selling to the newbies, and that is just crap.

You guys can learn a lot more things just by visiting YouTube or any relative site that is sharing the real insights, case studies or publishing guides on how you can really make your own empire.

This is how I can back my idea:

  • Think if, Bill Gates were a freelancer and selling his software?
  • What if, Jeff Bezos were a freelance content writer?
  • How if, Mark Zuckerberg were giving more time to studies and not Facebook?

Please learn through these living examples.

They started working on their own dreams rather than selling their skills to other people and making others billionaires.

Freelancing no doubts is a good choice when you need instant money or have to earn for your living.

Soon after you are stable, you should start giving time to your own startup, your own product or service and create your own platform that could make you a millionaire or a billionaire.

For people who work on their dreams “sky is not the limit”.

Hope you will understand my words.

Thanks for the read!

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