Here’s How Pakistani Students Can Make Money Online

I am not going to show you some basic tips here or recommend any website where you can invest 20 dollars and start earning some pennies.

This called scam and its on a peak in Pakistan.

Everybody is starting a PTC (paid to click) website or paid to view ads website and scamming people in Pakistan by looting their hard earned money just by showing that they can earn online.

Some innocent people have ruined themselves and now don’t have faith on investing online. They thinks that their money will not be in their hands and someone else will take that out.

However, there are a number of methods you can try without investing a single rupee or dollar and they worth a try.

So, read how you can earn money online in Pakistan when you are a student:

1. YouTube

One of the most exciting and now trending way to make money online in Pakistan is to join YouTube as a creator and start your own free channel.

There are people like Qasim Ali Shah, Irfan Junejo, Juggan and more who are turning to YouTube and they are really making an handsome income out of creating videos for YouTube and also they are winning hearts of Pakistani people.

If you think that you can’t be one of them then its true. You can’t be like them and that’s what you don’t have to try.

You have to be your own version and that is why YouTube is there and can help you try your luck.

Just go to and start your free channel.

There’s nothing hard in this, you just have to create a video from your mobile or desktop and upload to YouTube. Just make sure that everything you capture is not copyrighted.

You should start with vlogs that is the most easiest way to create videos for YouTube and people watch vlogs on daily basis.

After hitting 1K subscribers and sufficient watch time YouTube will allow you to use its partner program from where you can apply for showing ads on your videos and after approval you can start making money with your YouTube account.

2. Google Adsense

Blogging is the most trusted and long-run game for earning money online. You can start making money with Google Adsense when you have a great blog with sufficient traffic.

The thing is there are so many news websites and blogs already publishing just about everything and you have to compete with them.

For example ProPakistani and Brand Synario are some of the great blogs which are earning money with Adsense and their main audience is in Pakistan.

If you can’t type you shouldn’t start a blog and if you think that writing or typing is not in your favorites then you should not start a blog.

However, if you are passionate about earning money online and want to earn in long-run the most trusted and tested way is to start your blog.

Just go to or and start your free blog.

Now start posting one or two blog posts a day and keep on doing it for at-least a month.

Now share your blog with your friends and submit sitemap to the search engines. After getting some nice web-traffic now go to and apply for an account.

They will approve so that you can start showing ads on your blog and that’s all. Keep on posting more content and keep on generating more traffic for more earnings.

3. Content Writing

Content writing is something that is winning at every country and everybody can make money writing content. When you are a student you have to face some troubles in this online job.

However, some bright students who can read and write in English in a good sense can easily do this job and start making money online.

In Pakistan many content marketers and online agencies are looking for content writers and they really pay. You can also hunt international companies and individuals who needs content writing services.

How to get content writing jobs?

  1. Go to
  2. Create a free profile and start bidding on projects
  3. If you have a great looking profile then you will get some orders

Now complete that initial orders as best as you can and ask them to give you good rating. So that you will easily get more clients.

On the other hands you can offer your content writing services on and also can hunt customers in Facebook groups and if possible then go to brands and submit your portfolio (sample work) via email.

Chances are you will get accepted. But you have to be an epic writer.

4. Freelancing

Going down to the best ever online jobs category.

Yes, the freelancing. Real online jobs category for those who can work at their spare time and don’t want to be under a boss.

If you can do things like:

  • Content Writing (copy-writing, article or blog post writing, product descriptions and more)
  • Graphic designing (graphics, icons, logos and website design)
  • Create or design websites on requirements of the client
  • Provide hosting or domain registration services
  • Provide Search Engine Marketing Services

Or related things then you are good to start doing freelancing in Pakistan and make good income.

You can start from Fiverr or create your own digital marketing company by registering a domain name and installing any WordPress portfolio website where you can showcase your recent work or sample work.

Now you can advertise your company online using Facebook ads or Google ads and get clients.

However, if you need more help then comment below or contact me and I will gud

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  1. Informative post!
    I have tried 2 of them but after reading this post I have decided to try YouTube. Thanks for your words.


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