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Well, this is my first blog post on my personal website at the blog section.

I will try to explain a few points on why I love my dearest country (PAKISTAN) and why you should do the same with your country and send sweet wishes to each other.

In hopes of doing great things I’ve created so much plans and many of them are not in my mind now. They are gone.

I have seen so much dreams and I can’t even remember any of them.

I know its too creepy to see so much dreams and then forget all of them. But, I did it or you can say that’s a fault in my brain.

However, whatever is this. I liked just this phenomena in my entire life.

Why I Am A Proud Pakistani?

Because I should and here’s why:

  • Its a land of peace, nobody here want to start war
  • Everybody in the country is looking to help the entire world
  • We are young here and we can see everything in its adulthood in all over the Pakistan
  • This is our own country and because of some shitty politicians the country is on a survival and its still the best Muslim country after many so called leaders has looted it as much they was able too
  • We can do whatever we want and nobody will stop us (as long as we are doing good things and not trying to break the law)
  • We can easily get to see more than four seasons which are summer, winter and there are all of them in the country from Murree to Sibi we can see all the types of weather

Well, well and well.

Why you should love your Country?

As I don’t from where you are and from where in the world you are reading this blog post. Maybe you are in space 😉

However, here are some points on why you should love your country:

  • Its the land where you first landed
  • Its where you have spend your first pocket money
  • Its where you got to enjoy in your babyhood
  • Your everything relates to this land

And the best thing is whenever we got to see our motherland (our country) our hearts go crazy and it feels so much great in our mind and heart.

Our body responds to the motherland and that’s a feeling we can’t get anywhere in the whole world except our dear country and in the country our motherland.

There’s a lot more I can share with you guys.

But, its my first blog post and I want to make it short and sweet. So I will come back (InShaAllah) and give my opinions on more factors of the country (Pakistan) and will try to guide you live a strong and generous life.

Thanks for the read!

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