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28 Legit Money Making Sites by Niche - Get Paid to Refer in 2024

It’s simplehigh paying referral programs do better than those paying some cents per referral and if you are asking me that is referral pay legit? then I should say yes, it’s legal and legit and that’s why here’s a list of best referral programs to make money in 2024 I have arranged for you to earn big money per referral you can send to these platforms.

Everybody doing online marketing is in search of best referral programs to make money online quickly and enjoy his life with that income stream. But searching for one high paying paid to refer program from the huge list of referrals programs is like back pain and it cost your time, effort and a lot in testing all those platforms to know whether they are legitimate or not.

If you don’t know how to make money with referral programs, then don’t worry either as I’ve arranged this article for you only with a highly trustable list of referral programs that pay daily and you can easily get paid per referral sign-up.

And That’s why I am here to provide you a list of all good and awesome referral programs that pays daily weekly to monthly and reward their users with great gifts.

  • You can earn more than $100 a day!

I have categorized this list to make sure that your targeted type of referral program gets found easily by your own eyes and all you have to do is just signup with your favorite program and get affiliate marketing leads for them to earn commissions.

Note that all of the listed programs and websites are legit and they don’t scam their affiliates, so it’s nothing to worry about.

28 Legit Money Making Sites by Niche (2024)

This list contains:

  • No referral links, just pure links to the main sources
  • No scam sites listed
  • Reviewed and trusted services, platforms, and networks
  • No upfront payment is needed on sites
  • You can do the work part-time or even choose your routine type of sites
  • Easily understandable system and legit sites

Just choose your best site and start earning money:

Category #1:  Affiliate Programs to get paid

If you were looking to refer and earn sites then you should try these amazing websites which are paying to their affiliates in big digits.

Affiliate programs work best then all other programs and offers, they have a simple formula for their user to refer and earn money.

The big portion for pro and newbie bloggers are working on this and getting tons of money on monthly basis, many of them have started thousands and thousands of blogs just for their favorite affiliate program and those blogs are dedicated to guiding their readers on how they can use affiliated products and what they get or not.

For example:

Pat Flynn is a famous guy just because of his success with affiliate marketing and he earns from affiliate programs what you all can use and earn same as he is earning.

No more garbage of discussion have an eye on legitimate programs and make money with referrals.

1. Amazon Affiliates

Affiliate marketing was started from this program and lead to force others to start their affiliate programs as well.

This is free of cost program by world’s largest marketplace having millions of items with different categories and the best thing is you can sale from your blog/site and get commission up to 10% (for some it depends on the sales you give them).

No pain – get paid for your referrals, it’s easy and useful with just a link you can start earning. No matters what link visitor is buying you can still get your commission that’s why they call their program “Amazon Associates”.

How it works: Join > Advertise > Earn money

2. iTunes Affiliate Program by Apple

The entertainment world is rich!

Having your account at iTunes affiliate program means you can earn big bucks just by referring your favorite music, TV shows or movies.

You can also get paid for referral signup!! Even you can suggest books to your blog readers by joining Apple’s program.

With one account you can sale and get commissions for Apple Music, iTunes, App Store, & iBooks too.

How it works: Apply > Get accepted > Use their tools > Earn money

3. Fitbit Affiliates

Make fitness your business (earn money from referrals).

If you are running a fitness or health related blog then this is the only affiliate program you should rely on.

  • Fitbit is the industry leader, accounting for 72% of the connected health and fitness market and their devices are consistently the #1 selling connected devices on Amazon. – Source: NPD, U.S.

They offer a flat 12% commission on all their products and gives you the support to increase your earnings.

You get the most relevant and creative assets as soon as they were available and the best thing is this program is free to use.

How it works: Apply > Get accepted > Use their tools > Earn money

4. Affiliate Program by Walmart

No doubt Walmart is a big brand and they’ve standards in marketing, selling and giving commissions to their affiliates.

You can have a look at their services as they are providing Chrome extension for their affiliate program members and they also have a WordPress plugin to ease the process.

And this is cool if you are a web developer you can take advantage of their API for an affiliate program. From Creative banners and Ads to SDK they provide everything to make sure you easily advertise them in front of your audience.

How it works: Apply > Wait for approval > Generate ads > Earn money

5. Target Affiliates

This is in (may not) the list of some highest paying referral programs available online.

However they pay only 5% commission on every product you sell (8% on some products), but it makes sense when you sell an item worth thousands or hundreds of dollars.

They have a variety of products which you can start selling through their affiliates program.

How it works: Apply > Get accepted > Refer > Earn money

Category #2: Survey sites to get paid

May you have heard about getting paid for doing surveys, but have you hear about getting for referring paid-to-survey websites to your friends?

Probably you do not and you know what? You can earn up to $25 doing this and there is a Best Paid Survey Site in Canada from which you can easily earn more just doing surveys online.

So here’s the list of paid-to-survey platforms where you can grab your unique affiliate link and start earning money by referring your friends to earn doing surveys so its a win-win situation.

6. Paid View Point – Refer a Friend program 

A good pill for pain holders to take advantage of earning money, referring others to earn money and whenever someone does the work for himself you’ll earn money.

The best thing is you can make $1 just for completing your signup process and when you refer others you can earn up to $25 per referral, also you can payout your earnings through PayPal.

I have tested this and it works.

How it works: Signup > Take mini polls > Earn cents – Refer others > Earn money

7. Survey Savvy referring earnings

Its a famous and legit survey platform from this list of online referral programs that pay and gives best rates and now US people can earn an extra $5 per month for installing SavvyConnect on your device.

This program is also tested by me and it works, we can earn bucks just by referring others and surfing website.

Having their app installed on your device for a year you can earn up to $180.

How it works: Signup > Surf web > Refer > Earn money

8. Legerweb referral program

If you are in Canada or the USA then this new platform is best for you (as they work only in USA+Canada). Leagerweb is one of them who pay to their users in a satisfying way.

Beautiful rates per survey, you can grab $1 per completed survey and whenever you refer another person and he/she do one survey you’ll get $1 again so that it’s nice to earn money with best survey sites like this one.

Just make your profile complete it and start doing surveys or refer others to make money on their hard work.

How it works: Signup > Take surveys / Refer > Earn money

Category #3: Banks and Financial companies

Now that’s cool!

We can earn money by using some banks and credit or debit card companies.

What we have to just refer others to that service we are using right now and its easy then other platforms and networks.

It doesn’t cost a penny to others and they also don’t have to work hard for you or themselves.

Read about different financial companies to know how you can cash-back your taxes.

9. Fidelity refer others and earn huge rewards

With Fidelity, you can easily get referrals to earn cash! Cause it is the best pay per referral program.

As they do reward your referrals with up to $2,500 bonus when he/she deposit and fund that account.

It means your referral will be happy to receive that huge bonus just for opening an account and funding for himself.

You can get your family members ready to receive free cash and by doing this you can also make up to $100 in credits.

How it works: Send referrals using a form > Tell them that will get up to $2,500 bonus when they will fund their account > Earn money (you’ll receive a $100 Visa Card Gift)

10. Share Discover program

Discover is a credit card company and they have a good reputation. There services like discover small business credit card and other banking methods are very famous.

Now they are offering to their new and old members an offer which can be a win-win thing to both the referral and the sharer.

It’s the same as other card companies! Whatever they pay less ($50 per referral), but they are good and have amazing brand recognition you can easily get more referrals.

How it works: Sign-in > Refer > Earn money

11. American Express Refer a Friend, Reward Yourself

Same as other credit card services American Express also provide American express business credit cards and other banking services and not just that, they are here to provide you the bonuses for referring your friends and family to use their services.

They don’t want t to discuss more the program for those who don’t have an account there.

So! If you want to learn more you have to open an account first.

How it works: Sign-in > Refer > Earn money

12. Smartypig referring friends program

 SmartyPig is an online piggy-bank and it works just great.

Many people use it on a daily basis to make sure their dream projects take breath someday or they use it for saving some bucks.

  • You can earn $10 referring others to Smartypig for hundred referrals.

Now we can use it to make money! Yeah, just by referring our friends and family we can earn money on SmartyPig.

How it works: Sign-up > Refer > Earn money

Category #4: Smartphone Apps

Approx all the mobile users have a smartphone to use for apps, games, and movies or whatever they want to do with their fingers.

Probably 70% of the smartphone holders don’t know that what a smartphone can really do, and here’s the game of making money on smartphones comes in play mode.

Some times in a day you may have to think what is the benefit of a smartphone? is watching HD videos or playing games are benefits? NO.

The benefit is: You can earn money using your smartphone just by referring great things to other smartphone users.

13. Ibotta invite friends, get cash program

Ibotta is a good and free application to get cash-back on daily use products you buy online.

You can payout your cash-back earnings in your PayPal account and the best thing is you can make your friends more happy by referring them to this great app and telling them that they’ll get $10 if they signup from your link.

You will get $5 per referral.

How it works: Install app > Refer > Earn money

14. Lyft – Refer passenger or driver and get cash

Lyft is a good competitor of Uber taxi service and doing great in business by expanding day by day.

They have launched many reward programs for their drivers and passengers to use Lyft as traveling services and earn money just for sharing about them.

You can get $10 per referred (new) passenger and you can make up to $500 when you give Lyft a new driver.

The best thing is you can tell that driver that he can earn the same as you are earning + they have a lot of offers, promotions and reward schemes for you.

How it works: Use the app > Recommend Lyft to others > Earn money

15. GiftHulk refer and get paid

This is another great service which offers you to earn money by watching TV, taking surveys, installing apps and referring others.

You can earn up to 600 hulk points per referral and after that, you can convert them in cash.

It is in the apps category because you can use on smartphones and earn money just for trying new apps and referring other users.

How it works: Install app > Refer > Earn money

Category #5: PTC and related websites

Paid to click or pay per click websites often results in scam for countries like Pakistan and India many times in the USA too.

But here’s the list of some great PTC and related sites to use for real cash and generating money.

You do not have to worry about scams, because these sites are legit and give rewards to their use on a daily basis.

16. Inbox Dollars

Good as gold and as easy as ABC.

You can start earning money from the first day and grab your signup reward of $5 in the first few seconds.

It’s good and you can earn money by taking surveys, watching videos, playing games and referring others.

    Whenever your referred person earns you’ll be rewarded with 10% of those earnings for free.

    How it works: Signup > Play games / Refer > Earn money

    17. ClixSense

    Old and trusted PTC site having good offers for their free and premium account holders.

    You can start earning money from day one and you can refer others to have more in your account as whenever you refer someone and he/she clicks on ads purchase something or do any task, you’ll get your commissions.

    It’s an unlimited time offer, be quick and start earning money by referring your friends.

    How it works: Signup > View ads / Refer > Earn money

    18. Qmee quick earning system

    Its the quickest way for online dreamers to earn quick money just by doing what they are doing on a daily basis.

    No tasks and not something like other PTC or paid to view sites or doing right now, it is something different and works just awesome.

    I just love this platform where we can easily earn money just by doing the daily tasks.

    And whenever we refer a friend to this platform and he/she payout the money (we can payout even one dollar) we’ll receive our commission.

    How it works: Signup > Surf web / Refer > Earn money

    19. FusionCash unlimited offers

    With the unlimited number of offers, you can’t imagine how much you can earn and how much ways they offer you to earn easy money.

    They also give you the $5 bonus for signup and when you listen to the radio, watch videos or make phone calls and even more.

    You can refer others and when they confirm their account creation you’ll get $1 in reward and when they complete any task you’ll receive $2 and when they cash out you can get $5 in your account.

    How it works: Signup > Do whatever you can / Refer > Earn money

    20. Cash Crate cash rewards on referrals

    Win contests, do shopping or refer CashCrate to others and make money. This is in that list of some cool referral programs that pay good rewards.

    Your referrals will get a $1 sign-up bonus and you can make up to 30% of their earnings.

    There are many other ways to earn with Cash Crate as they are good in PTC industry.

    How it works: Signup > Do whatever you can / Refer > Earn money

    21. Grab Points get everything

    With this easy to use points system, you can earn rewards like PayPal dollars, Amazon gift cards or paid accounts for sites like Xbox.

    They also pay you the points when you refer someone to use their services and watching videos, listening to music, etc.

    It’s simple and cool.

    How it works: Signup > Refer > Earn money

    Category #6: Work from Home Referrals 

    Working from is basically a mom’s job, but now in this era of X generation, everybody wants to work sitting at home.

    And that’s why the services are opening their doors for home-based workers.

    Now you can easily make money from your home, not doing the work – but suggesting these services to others.

    22. Working Solutions

    What you need is just a computer with internet enabled and you can start doing a great home based job.

    They are a techie group to do great in support of people and they hire job seekers to do the work. You can do the work from tech support, sales to customer service and it’s an easy to do job.

    The best thing is you can make up to $100 per person.

    How it works: Signup > Refer > Earn money

    23. Call Center QA referral program

    I don’t know why people hate call center jobs?

    We can earn money doing this and what if we only refer others to join an online call center so he/she can earn money from home? and still, we are making money just for referring someone to that call center?

    This service is beyond your imaginations, as they don’t want you to give your services to other online shoppers They just want you to do the job as a secret agent “Telephone Mystery Shop” yeah you just have to checkout other services and make money.

    They pay $5 per referral you may send them.

    How it works: Signup > Spy / Refer > Earn money

    24. G Suite referral program by Google


    One of the best online giant companies, and helping almost all worldwide internet users with its free services like YouTube, Search engine, Gmail and more.

    Now, they are in with their referral program called G Suite Referral Program where you can earn up to $1,500 per business you refer that signs up and $15 per person.

    Now that’s cool.

    How it works: Join > Share > Earn money

    Category #7: For Bloggers & web-developers

    Bloggers and webmasters are those who create this amazing internet by working hard day and night (I am one of them).

    This category is for online workers and who know that how Internet WORKS.

    Read below to about great referral programs for bloggers and web-developers to take advantage of your hard work.

    25. Media Temple refer a friend program

    It’s simple, they are providing services to host online work and provide in-class hosting services.

    They also have an affiliate program and now they are active with their refer a friend program where we can get free of cost hosting.

    Yeah! For a Blogger free and high-quality hosting is perfect like money.

    They will give you free hosting and reward your referred person with 20% off on his hosting plan and you with free of cost hosting package.

    How it works: Create link > Share > Earn premium hosting for free

    26. HostGator and Hostinger Affiliates

    No doubt, HostGator is a leader in hosting your online projects and websites and Hostinger is also a great company for the same thing. They also have a dedicated team of affiliation experts to assist you and guide you through the process or their referral program.

    They have a good reputation and that’s why we can trust them and earn money without investing a penny because we are referring a great and high-class service.

    They reward their referrals up to $125 per successful signup, so if you are looking for a network form which you can earn $20 per referral, this is the ultimate network which is giving you more than your desires.

    How it works: Sign-up > Advertise using free banners and links > Earn money

    27. Entireweb Affiliate Program

    You can now make money for all the clicks you send to their website, as per as their statement:

    • We’ll pay you both for the first initial click, but also if the visitors goes through the process

    It means they are willing to make you generate real money just by referring your friends and like-minded people to a free search engine submission website using their unique referral program.

    How it works: Sign-up > Advertise using free banners and links > Earn money

    28. Infolinks affiliate program

    It’s a contextual ads network which works great on new and old blogs too, I’ve used it and got accurate results.

    This can be a good thing for you that they are now offering affiliation for getting more users and they’ll reward you with commissions on your referred users.

    They also show display and pop-in ads and using their referral program we can earn our commission when our referred users makes money.

    How it works: Sign-up > Get accepted > Share affiliate links > Earn moneyConclusions:

    Now! Its all up to you..

    Use one refer a friend program, affiliate program or any referral system for yourself to earn money from first day and working from your home.

    I have listed all the best and legit referral programs + sites that pay daily to monthly basis and trusted by millions of users who are making money for their lives just by referring others to great services.

    I hope no one will ask that question now “what is the best referral site to make money online” as all of the above sites are listed in the lists of highest paying referral programs on internet.

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