Starting An Initiative #PaisaKamaogyToChalega

For those jo English ke ilawa kuch nahi samjhte “If you make money, it will work.”

پیسہ کماؤ گے تو چلیگا

I am here with a small contribution to my community and I want to help as many students as I can in making money online.

This initiative is in its first stage and currently, I am planning to work on it. I will work on this in a way that will bring more entrepreneurs and bloggers then the businesses owners in whole Pakistan.

Starting with local (government schools in Punjab) I will be available on Facebook and Twitter to help anybody who want to make dollars online and bring money in home.

So, Paisa Kamaogy To Chalega is for everyone in Pakistan and it will be pura Urdu wala prograam.

Stay with me.


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