Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online in Pakistan

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Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online in Pakistan

You may have listened to many content creators and public figures that Pakistanis should start making money online and earn dollars to skip bankruptcy and help the country to strive.

However, that’s not an actual way of uplifting a country, but it is a helpful thing to at least make the youth understand what is happening and what can be done to really make the country leap forward and become strong enough in economical factors.

So, here’s a list of the top 10 ways to make money online in Pakistan and if you are a student you should definitely try these things:

1. Blogging:

Blogging is a great way to make money online in Pakistan by providing valuable content to your readers. It is about writing articles and posting on your own blog (a website that is yours) and then monetizing it using different methods to make money even while you are sleeping. You can start your own blog and post regular updates using and (for free), or you can join an existing blog and contribute articles and get paid per article basis or on a monthly basis. All you need is a good blog hosting platform and plenty of time to write.

2. Become a Youtuber:

If you have a good eye for video editing and are able to capture interesting videos too, then creating a youtube channel could be a great way to monetize your content and earn money using Adsense ads that are displayed alongside your videos and as well as affiliate offers that you can place in the video description. Not only does this generate passive income, but it can also lead to more business opportunities as you start promoting your products and services through your youtube channel. Starting a youtube channel is free and monetizing it is also free, all you need is 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours watchtime to apply for an Adsense account.

3. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online in Pakistan because it involves linking your website or blog with other businesses and selling their products or services to earn commission on every sold item that is being advertised on your blog or under your youtube video description. You can also do affiliate marketing by advertising on other websites and encouraging people to click through to your site and make a purchase – which ultimately earns you a commission either from the Amazon affiliate platform or other affiliate networks such as CJ and ShareASale.

4. Consulting:

Becoming a consultant may be the perfect way for you to start making money online in Pakistan because it’s flexible enough to accommodate busy lifestyles yet offers steady earning potential over time. As long as you have some knowledge or expertise that can be used by others, starting a consultancy can be extremely lucrative – especially if you can leverage social media platforms effectively to market your business. This requires a lot of experience and patience.

5. Sell Digital Products:

If you have any skills or knowledge that people might want to buy (like technical expertise, design skills, etc.), then selling digital products could be a great option for making money online in Pakistan. There are a few examples of what we call a digital product:

  • Ebooks and Guides.
  • Website Templates/Themes.
  • Downloadable Software.
  • Music and Audio.
  • Digital Art and Graphics.
  • Online Courses.
  • Professional Services.

This involves creating an e-commerce store based on one or more of your unique skills or product offerings. Once everything is set up properly, there’s usually quite a bit of revenue generated from digital product sales alone!

6. Freelance Writing:

Freelancing is another great option for those who want to make money online without having full-time employment obligations required (although there are many freelance writing jobs out there that do require some full-time work involved). Freelancing allows you to work as an independent contractor rather than being employed by someone else, which means greater control over your working hours and earnings – making it an ideal choice for those who want some flexibility in their job commitments while still earning income.

However, it is not a lucrative option as it involves the risks of getting your account banned or you may be finding clients every month to have a stable income.

There are more jobs you can do as a freelancer just as:

  • Graphics & Design (logo, web design, and more)
  • Digital Marketing (SEO, SMM, and more)
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Game Creation
  • Voice Artist

7. Mobile Apps Development

Developing an app is something not everybody can do and that’s why it is a lucrative option for you to start making money online in Pakistan. You can signup for free on freelancing websites, join Facebook groups, create your free account on forum sites and start sharing your expertise in making mobile apps. That’s how you will get clients who are willing to pay you for making their apps.

8. Sell Photos

Shutterstock is a website that allows you to signup for free and start uploading your best photos that you can sell online. This is the best ever option for a student and even a professional to make money online in Pakistan without having to worry about clients and all that. You will be earning money even while you are sleeping or not working for weeks.

9. Create a Software House

If you don’t want to be on the same train as everyone, you can start a software house and it starts with outsourcing your tasks. You can start with freelancing projects that you should take from Facebook or utilize other social media networks such as LinkedIn or Twitter and then outsource the work and take a step forward to build a software house for hiring people to work in-house.

That’s a way to create a startup in the services business or you can arrange a team of more than 3 people and start a software company by making custom SAAS products and this requires capital to start with.

10. eCommerce

Unlike the gurus in Pakistani online communities, I am not talking about how you can become a millionaire by starting an e-commerce store in Pakistan. But, this is a great way to skip the offline hassles of opening a shop and then waiting for the customers to come and buy from you.

You can start an e-commerce store using WordPress and WooCommerce and sell products online by acquiring clients using Facebook and Google ads.

And if you want more information regarding any of the above methods of making online in Pakistan, you can comment below or contact me.

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