What is a niche?

A niche is nothing but just a main topic of your blog.

You can take it as the title of your book.

For example, let’s suppose you are writing a book, you have to choose a topic for it, the topic you selected is “my dear cat” now it is a book about your cat.

You can talk about your cat’s name, behavior, routine, etc

You can’t talk about your neighbour’s birthday party and how you had fun over there in this book, or something like how your Prime Minister is handling political situations in the country.

You should talk about your cat only.

This will engage the readers and most of the readers will be happy to leave a 5 star rating for your book.

That’s the same with the blogs, you should pick a topic like “my garden tips” and start sharing everything you know about gardening.

People will surely visit your blog and stay on it to read more reliable and relevant information to increase their knowledge of gardening.

This is why you need to pick a niche and that’s what we call a niche in blogging.

Stay with me for getting more blogging related tips.

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