Fastest-Growing Freelance Country, Why it’s Not Good for Pakistan?

Freelancing in Pakistan

From the professional bloggers, freelancers to newbies in the Pakistani IT-industry are saying that it’s a good thing that Pakistan ranked 4th in the list of fastest-growing freelance marketplaces of the world. First, do you really know what freelancing is? In other words (native language) it is like “Online Mazdoori” and that’s exactly the same … Read more

Why I Support Imran Khan?

This is why Umer Idrisi support Imran Khan

Being a citizen of dearest Pakistan and the most lovely country on earth, I am here with my answer to the question “Why I Support Imran Khan”. As most of my friends say that every politician is a bad-ass and nobody from any political party is in favor of Pakistan’s growth. They (my friends) say … Read more